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  1. Quick March Medley 1:

    Rantin Rovin Robin

    Jenny's Bawbee

    The Pipers Cave

  2. Quick March Medley 2:

    72nd Farewell to Aberdeen

    Greenwood Side

    Andrew Warnock

  3. Medley 1:

    The One on the Left

    Loudon's Bonnie Woods and Braes

    Devil in the Kitchen

    Finlay M. MacRae

    Paddy Be Easy

    Barbara's Jig

  4. Medley 2:

    Farewell to Nigg

    The Recruits

    Mist Covered Mountains

    Cutty's Wedding

    Sleepy Maggie

    Mist Covered Mountains

    Alex Currie

  5. Piobaireachd:

    Cabar Feidh Gu Brath

    Cabar Feidh Tarluath/Crunluath

    Cabar Feidh Gu Brath Audio File

    Piobaireachd Cadences

    His Fathers Lament for Donald MacKenzie

  1. 4/4 March Set:

    Scotland The Brave


    Rowan Tree

    Murdo's Wedding

  2. 3/4 March Set:

    Pipe Major J.K.Cairns


    Green Hills

    When the Battles Over

  3. Irish Set:

    Minstrel Boy

    Kelly, the Boy from Killane

    Wearing of the Green

  4. 6/8 March Set:

    Mrs. Ishabel T. MacDonald

    Leaving Port Askaig

  5. Hornpipe/Jig Set:

    The Man from Skye

    The Wee Man from Uist

    Joe MacDairmid

  6. Amazing Grace

  7. Amazing Grace March

  8. Highland Cathedral

  9. Yea Alabama

  1. Drummers Salute

    Drummers Salute

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